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Not a Tame Lion ...

There's good reason why I felt so tired this weekend. It all started with a late night showing of Narnia, 12:01am last Thursday night! Ever since then, I've been a wreck. I should've known that my old body can't handle sleep deprivation too well anymore. Plus, two days of wedding rehearsal and preparation didn't help too much either.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed Narnia. Despite several chessy parts that could've been filmed better, the timeless masterpiece of C.S Lewis is pretty well captured on film. Much like a lot of Lewis' writings, the story line was simple, yet extremely profound. What Mr. Tumnus said about Aslan in the movie (also in the book in numerous places) is still giving me much to think over.

"He's not a tame lion, but he is good."

I would love to expound on the quote, I'm in dire need of some good rest. If you will, just dwell on it for awhile, perhaps it'll rock your world as much as it has mine.

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