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I don't know if my imitation of William Wallace is quite up to par, but I assure you that I'm not wearing a kilt at the moment, so there's no need to be afraid.

The world is becoming more and more confusing to me lately. There seems to be a growing gap between how I want the world to be and how it actually is. I'm not merely talking about the general state of the world (though that's part of it) nor am I solely talking about the my relationships with people or the situations I go through - it is the grand composition of all those things. The chaotic nonsense has been unleashed into the world.

All this confirms my longing for a world not of man, but of something greater than our humanity. A world where all tears will be wiped away and where all wounds be healed. Even Sam in LOTR inquires of Gandalf, "I thought you were dead! But then I thought I was dead myself. Is everything sad going to come untrue?" The answer of course is Yes, but not here, alas, not now.

The only consolation left is my firm belief that the best is yet to come.

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  • Anonymous Jonathan says so:
    8:13 AM  


    I thought you might enjoy that story. Kilts are IN man. top