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Are there Geishas in Narnia?

Even though I'm not a big movie buff, I am still very much looking forward to December 9th! Next Friday, both Memoirs of a Geisha and The Chronicle of Narnia are coming out on the silver screen. Two of the most anticipated movie this year coming out on the same day, what more can a man ask for? (very much a rhetorical question, please don't try to answer)

However, this does leave me the dilemma of choosing which movie to watch first. If my sister was around, I would definitely go watch memoirs with her since she is such a big fan. Typical I guess, she loves Pride and Prejudice with a vengeance as well. But fate would have it that she is still at Boston, so I suppose I'll walk into the wardrobe and watch the Lion kick some butt next Friday night.

Honestly I am a little afraid to see how these movies will turn out. Whenever books are made into the movies, there's always a chance of misinterpretation. Maybe your favorite scene will be cut out, or perhaps they will make a character to be freakishly scary (e.g. Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), it's not always fun to watch them ruin the classics.

Despite those reservations, I am still excited to see Narnia come to life again, this time in the movies. I'm sure it will be nothing like how I imagined it, but nevertheless it will be a good way to start deep conversations with your friends about good and evil, about God, and about how we're only seeing a shadow of what our world will be like.

All this to say, "GO TO THE MOVIES NEXT FRIDAY." Give me a call if you're interested and we'll go together!

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  • Blogger katgyrl says so:
    4:27 AM  

    ooh look. i'm leaving a comment. =)

    anyway, i heard the wide release of memoirs of a geisha isn't until dec 23. boo..such a long wait. top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    10:07 AM  

    according to the memoir's website, it's says 12/9 (exclusive) release. And when you go look on the loew's website, it says 12/9 as well. top