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In the beginning ...

Today might just be a special day ... remember it well.

For years I have disdained the idea of posting my thoughts on the web for various reasons. At the core of it, I felt that blogging takes away from genuine relationships. So many people painstakingly blog their lives down to every minute detail, secretly hoping that out there somewhere, someone is listening to them. Perhaps they do this to satisfy a deep social yearning, a need that certainly cannot be satisfied in this modern form of communication.

Other times I feel like most of what I want to share with people are so personal, not to be read on the web. And honestly, there are so many crazy thoughts in my mind all the time that I wouldn't want people to sift through them anyway.

However, I do concede that a blog has its useful purposes. And that is why I am starting my very own today, much inspired after reading my friend Matt's blog for some reason.

Again I say ... remember today well, it just might be a special day.

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  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    2:42 AM  

    Hooray! It *is* a special day! I am excited to read about your wanderings, my friend. And I trust we shall wander together in the future! top

  • Blogger Matt Mikalatos says so:
    11:20 AM  

    I am reminded of just how special this day was when I try to type in your site from memory and accidentally arrive at constantwanderer.blogspot.com, the non-articled version of this blog that is run by a 22=year-old woman in NY who plays "beer pong" with her cousins, gets screaming drunk and then, um, screams at people. I like yours better. top