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I miss my bike!

I am here to announce that I am officially poor. If you are expecting a nice Christmas present from me, you might have to lower your expectations.

As I was returning from the dinner with some old friends last night, I noticed that my temperature gauge was fluctuating near HIGH consistently. Fearing that the engine might catch fire and kill me, I resorted to driving very conservatively and luckily made my way home safely. It turned out that my car's head gasket cracked and all my coolant was leaking into the engine and proceeded to spew out blue smoke out of my exhaust. To make a long story short, I am down $1100 trying to fix this aging Toyota Camry. I don't think it's worth the money to fix it either for a car with 190k miles on it, but I really have no choice as I cannot live or go to work without a mode of transportation. So basically, it'll be rice and beans for me for the rest of the year. If I feel like splurging, I'll go buy some string beans or asparagus, and on Christmas, I might even go for a can of spam.

In the meantime, my parents are goading me to buy a new car soon. Hmm, just how much do I really want to spend on a car? That's why I really miss my giant bike. If the brake isn't working or if my spokes are coming loose, I'll just run to the local bike guy and get it fixed for $2. Isn't life just so much better that way? Forget flying cars, let's just all ride rocket propelled bicycles!

It's always great to be Poor in life ... but Rich in love ...

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  • Anonymous Rob says so:
    6:49 PM  

    You spent $2 to get your bike fixed?! Man, you were getting ripped off... top

  • Blogger Ken says so:
    11:32 PM  

    well, one summer this guy who didn't know how to ride a bike came to my campus and I had to pack him on the back of my bike all around town. And I took the group to go eat the unlimited meat stick places, I heard a loud crack from my back wheel, to which I screamed, "GET OFF!!!"

    after that ... I had to fix my spokes every 3 weeks. The moral of the story is: everyone should learn how to ride a bike! top