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A Strange Yet Familar Place

Bangkok is a crazy place. Busy streets, little cars, cheap food, huge shopping malls ... I would be overwhelmed if it were my first time here.

Random thoughts:

1) There are languages that are melodious and pleasing to the ear, Thai is not one of them! I can listen to someone speak Korean, French, and Mandarin all day long, but Thai drives me crazy.

2) Thailand is a spiritually dark place. There are temples at every street corner and hordes of people worshipping idols everywhere. You can feel that something is off ... there's darkness everywhere.

3) Food is so good and cheap here! I had an amazing chocolate banana crepe today among other things. This probably means I'll end up a couple pounds heavier when I leave in a week.

4) All Thai girls wear tons of make up. I am not sure why, but everyone has an inch of powder on their faces at all times. Maybe this way the transvestite can blend in a little easier.

5) Bangkok is a dangerous place. Whenever you walk around at night and see a group of scantily clad girls roaming about the street corner on stilletos, you know something is seriously wrong. Careful careful.

6) It's disgusting to see old white guys foreigners walking down the street with some half-naked young Thai girl in his arms. What's sad is that it's pretty normal here, half of Bangkok is the red light district.

More random thoughts later. I better get to bed to counteract the jet-lag.

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  • Anonymous steph says so:
    6:19 PM  

    Maybe #6 is why they have restaurants like that cabbage place... top