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The Kiss of Death

For some reason, the family Christmas conversation took a strange turn tonight and we briefly talked about kissing. Yea, it's probably not one of the things you want to talk about with your parents and relatives, but some sacrifices must be made for quality time with the family. My sister told the most interesting story about how this girl who has a peanut allergy died after kissing her boyfriend who had just finished eating a peanut butter snack. Which, if anything, should make you think twice before you have your next kiss!

I wonder what happened to these kids after they had their first kiss. These Kim Anderson pictures are pretty cute, but at the same time, they are sooo disturbing. Since when did four year olds go around kissing their friends on the lips while holding a rose in one hand? I'd bet that these kids are suffering from psychological issues right about now ...

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  • Anonymous Jonathan says so:
    2:05 PM  

    funny...i was telling my dad about this story (the kiss of death). top

  • Blogger dimsum807 says so:
    12:13 AM  

    don't forget about the kissing disease too....mono! ahhh top