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One thing I have yet to fully master is the skill of resting. I call it a skill because I believe that resting is more than hours of dreamy slumber, but an overall restoration of your body, mind, and soul. Today's society drives us to be more and more busy with various things in life, whether it be work or social engagements, more often than not they drain our mind & body to the point of collapse.

Today I woke up with a strange sense of restlessness. It's the last day of the weekend and I have so many things that I could and want to do, but deep inside I know that I needed to rest. I need some alone time when I can just sit and think, to reflect and ponder on the deeper things in life. Perhaps even have a friend over to pass the time over a cup of good coffee, making conversation but not feeling compelled to do anything like watching a movie or going out. Simply taking a timeout from the busyness of our lives, not to add on to it by doing more and more things.

Rest ...

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