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Childlike Faith

Everyone should learn from Matt's kids!

I think that's really hilarious, but all the more funny because I can totally see Zoey and Allie have that type of conversation on a regular basis. Since we have the time, let's take a trip down memory lane to my top three Zoey and memories:
  1. I love it how when I play ball with Zoey and Allie, it would always end up hitting them in the head no matter where I throw it, then they would just laugh really hard and toss it back to me, this would go on for hours!
  2. One time I took A & Z out to an indoor playground when I was in East Asia, and as I was walking down the street with the stroller, billions of people would gather around me asking me how I have such cute twins. Firstly, one kid is 3 and the other is 1, they obviously are NOT twins. Secondly, Z & A and I have no resemblance whatsoever, they are obviously not my kids! But of course, EA people never listen what you tell them, so I eventually just started nodding when people say what cute kids I had.
  3. Allie loves to feed me anything and everything she has her hands on. I must've eaten more cheerios or mac&cheese from the floor when I'm with her than I've eaten in my life. Honestly, you really can't refuse anything kids try to feed you.
On a more serious note, don't you think we all should have faith like a child? It's so easy to think that we have faith that can move mountains, but in reality, we have such little faith. We turn away from God for the simple reason that we do not fully believe in His promises to us. We turn to find our sense of self worth in money, success, popularity, women ... just so we can appease our inner urge for acceptance from others.

I wish I have enough faith to believe that God can bring my pony back to life when I pray!

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  • Anonymous Jonathan says so:
    2:54 PM  

    Amen. Child-like faith requires simply believing. One cannot just believe unless he has an innocent heart like that of a child. Perhaps if we could all go back to our childhood, we wouldn't have trouble just believing. :) top